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Speedgoat real-time system

We have worked extensively with the Speedgoat real-time control system. The Speedgoat is specifically designed to execute Simulink real-time code, using a very tight workflow integration with Simulink. Some very exciting changes with a new QNX operating system have come into place in MATLAB R2020b, and we have already used the pre-release version for demanding real-time applications.


Simulink real-time​

Simulink real-time offers a route for deploying real-time control code on targets such as the Speedgoat system. Using the vast range of Simulink libraries, including for example Simscape Multibody and Simscape Fluids, this framework offers an excellent option where physics-based modeling is key. We have implemented challenging multi-axis control systems in Simulink real-time, using platforms ranging from the highly professional Speedgoat to fun robotics car projects on the Raspberry Pi (yes, Simulink has a Pi target!).

EtherCAT Interface​

The EtherCAT protocol provides a high-speed solution for real-time applications interfacing with motor servo drives or other controllers. We have integrated Simulink Real-Time code with EtherCAT networks & modules to achieve extremely fast, accurate, and efficient control solutions. Via EtherCAT, we can use third-party (non-Speedgoat) IO hardware, such as the Beckhoff EK/EL series, or the National Instruments c-Series via the NI9144 EtherCAT slave chassis.

Speedgoat-Simulink Projects

We have delivered a range of industrial applications using Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat systems. Some of our clients have required extensive hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) or digital twin solutions. The Speedgoat with Simulink Real-Time is an excellent choice for such projects. We can simulate part of a physical system (e.g. via Simscape Multibody), and have other parts of the system implemented as actual hardware in the loop.

Industrial control development

Industrial control development is what we are experts at. We provide real-time control consulting services and implementation from edge to cloud. We design, build and test. We get enormous satisfaction when (not if!) we get things working.


Any industrial control system needs sensors. Pressure gauges, load cells, inertial measurement units (IMU) or EnDat encoders are just a few examples of the hundreds of sensors we have interfaced to control systems.

Embedded Control

We have worked with real-time control systems ranging from NI cRIO using LabVIEW real-time to MathWork's favorite Speedgoat with Simulink real-time. We make embedded control work on any industrial system.

IoT Software

Docker and Docker Swarm are our key tools for cloud deployment and microservice orchestration. We have provided consulting services for IOT stacks ranging from Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) to Thingsboard.