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Hardware & Software Prototyping

Driving Innovation in Energy, Automation and Transport
Mechanical, Electrical & Software Prototyping

Who we are

We are an innovation focused prototyping specialist who can help you realize your technical solution. We design, code, calculate, do the math, prototype and test.


Prototyping & Testing

Need to prototype a new idea? We can design, engineer, build and test your models.


We love designing analog and digital hardware and custom instrumentation.

Embedded & Control

Need a control system or an embedded system solution? Yes we can!

Do The math

Have an engineering problem that requires supporting calculations? Let us do the maths.

Custom Software

We deliver custom software to make your new idea fly! C++, JAVA, LabVIEW, MATLAB ...

Deployment Targets

MacOS, Linux, Windows, cloud. We love them all.

Globally available

Our native languages include English, Spanish, Mandarin & German. We cover Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Design & Test

We'd love to work with you on your next prototype

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