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Driving clean-tech innovation

Set up in 2016 by Imperial College London alumni, Evergreen Innovations’ mission is to support clean-tech startups in product and technology commercialization. Let us help you with your next project!


Integrated product development

From hardware to software

Hardware Interface

Development of embedded real-time control, sensor interfaces, distributed communication protocols, data logging and data visualization.

Backend Engine

Backend engine development for all common platforms and in most popular languages. Designed for resilience and industrial robustness. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud deployment solutions, including support of data management, distributed API interfacing and microservice orchestration.

Data Intelligence

Data analytics for pattern searches and process optimization. Machine learning from multiple regression to convolutional neural networks.

Design & Implementation

Our love for software & control

Prototyping & Testing

Need to prototype a new idea? We can design, engineer, build and test your models. Check out our Art of Prototyping page for our general design approach.

Custom Software

We deliver custom software to make your new idea fly! We use the full range of modern software solutions including C++, JAVA, Golang, LabVIEW, MATLAB / Simulink, Python, TensorFlow, Cassandra, Docker, Virtualization, AWS, Git and many more. Check out some of our blogs for examples of the types of tools & languages we work with.


There is often much more hiding in your experimental, product and market data than you might think. Let us help you explore your data.

Machine Learning

Take advantage of very recent advances in the machine learning field to improve your product or service. We can help you with intelligent solutions for products ranging from the energy sector to robotics.

containers & Orchestration

We are firm believers in micro-service architectures and are ready to take your product to the cloud.


We love designing analog and digital hardware and custom instrumentation. We have designed, built and tested many innovative solutions from inexpensive lab sensors to cutting-edge ultra-high frequency data acquisition for the automotive industry.

Embedded & Control

Need a control system or an embedded system solution? Yes we can! We have worked with a wide range of hardware solutions including LabVIEW / cRIO (RT and FPGA), Raspberry Pi, Arduino, customized real-time Linux, and fully custom hard-real time FPGA. Check out some of our embedded solution blogs.

Do The math

Have an engineering problem that requires supporting calculations? Let us do the maths. Some of our team have previously worked in the Fluid Mechanics section at Imperial College London, cracking some of the most challenging engineering-math that is out there.

Deployment Targets

MacOS, Linux, Windows, cloud, virtualizating. We love them all.

Globally available

Here to help

Our native languages include English, Spanish, Mandarin & German. We cover Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Innovate, Design & Test

We'd love to work with you on your next energy storage or renewable energy project