Instrumentation Services

Experts in instrumentation for real-time control

Selecting the right instrumentation

The instrumentation experts at Evergreen Innovations can help your company select the right instrumentation hardware for your automation needs. We have over two decades of experience in solving our client’s instrumentation needs.

We have built up a substantial stock of control hardware, tools, and software to enable rapid prototyping and development of heavily instrumented industrial control systems. See some of our example projects here.

Many of our current clients first approached us with a sensor interface challenge. For example, modern IMUs have complex API libraries, which can be challenging to integrate with a control system that, for example, runs a much older version of a C/C++ compiler than what is standard now.

Other clients have encountered issues when working with EtherCAT. While EtherCAT is an outstanding real-time communication protocol, the Beckhoff documentation can be overwhelming to the newcomer. Please contact us today if you need help with instrumentation selection or interfacing.


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Automation & instrumentation services

Increasing product efficiency.

Sensors ...

We have played with pretty much any sensor that is out there – IMUs, pressure, force, displacement, proximity, fluid flow, temperature, LASER Doppler anemometer or velocimeters.



We provide expert consulting services in writing custom communication interfaces to embedded control systems. Examples of the many protocols we have worked with include EtherCAT, RS-232, RS-485/422, I2C, SPI, CAN, Modbus TCP, EPICS and various specialist IMU APIs.

Custom Instrumentation

We also specialize in designing custom instrumentation for laboratory and industrial clients. The PCB shown on the right was designed for >800MHz data acquisition on a motor spinning at 20,000+ rpm.


Industrial control development

Industrial control development is what we are experts at. We provide real-time control consulting services and implementation from edge to cloud. We design, build and test. We get enormous satisfaction when (not if!) we get things working.


Any industrial control system needs sensors. Pressure gauges, load cells, inertial measurement units (IMU) or EnDat encoders are just a few examples of the hundreds of sensors we have interfaced to control systems.

Embedded Control

We have worked with real-time control systems ranging from NI cRIO using LabVIEW real-time to MathWork's favorite Speedgoat with Simulink real-time. We make embedded control work on any industrial system.

IoT Software

Docker and Docker Swarm are our key tools for cloud deployment and microservice orchestration. We have provided consulting services for IOT stacks ranging from Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) to Thingsboard.