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LabVIEW cRIO Services

The Evergreen Innovations team includes several LabVIEW experts. Using the National Instruments cRIO, we have developed a wide range of industrial control and data acquisition solutions. LabVIEW real-time and cRIO enable fully customizable IO – we have yet to find a sensor we can’t interface to. The system offers an extremely solid 1ms loop time on a Linux real-time system, and a 40MHz FPGA if 1ms is not sufficient. An example of what the cRIO control system offers is described in our technical blog here.

Apart from the National Instruments cRIO system – take a look at some of the other systems we operate here. Often the versatility of LabVIEW real-time and NI cRIO creates the ideal platform for prototyping applications. How many other systems are out there where you can write a custom control system, interface to 50+ sensors, put some FPGA code in the mix, have a full UI and file writing, and develop all of this in around one to two weeks? 

See below for some example components that enable rapid prototyping for versatile IO and control. Just talk to us if you have any questions about your solution. Our hardware stock covers the can save you from purchasing equipment that you may only be using once. Looking for a LabVIEW experts or cRIO consultants? Contact us today!

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A reliable backbone

The National Instruments cRIO system is often our most reliable backbone. Based on a Linux real-time system running LabVIEW, a configurable FPGA, and fully configurable IO, there are few limits to custom data capture and real-time control. Direct interfaces to RS232, RS485 and EtherCAT are built into the chassis.


For the little extras

Adding another 8 IO cards via real-time EtherCAT in LabVIEW is simple – NI 9144. The NI9144 can also be used in non-LabVIEW projects, for example via the MathWorks Simulink real-time EtherCAT interface.

Safety first

Create 24V DC safety circuitry to make sure you equipment is protected. Switch solenoids, circuit breakers and many other components with the NI 9472.

labview cRIO services
NINI 9421 Digital Input Module

Safety okay?

Reliably monitor your 24V DC safety circuits, or the health of any other equipment connected to the cRIO using the NI 9421 digital 24V input module.

Building 24bit Bridges

Custom strain gauges (we once built some awesome gauges from liquid metal Galinstan) or commercial load cells? Simultaneous 50kS/s and 24bit A/D should do the job (NI 9237). We can support MANY channels after a previous client had a bit of a strain gauge fest.

NI9237 Load cell bridge module
NI9263 Analoge output module

The analog age

Analog still exists. While most communication to servo drives is now done via digital interfaces (EtherCAT, Ethernet IP, CANBUS …), some entry level motor drives still feature analog I/O. The NI 9263 c-Series module has come in handy many times, 8 channels, 16 bit and super reliable.

Reading analog

Many standard sensors feature simple ±10V (or similar) outputs. The NI 9205 supports 16 differential or 32 single ended channels, plenty of scope for most sensing requirements.
NI9205 analog input module
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What about current?

Industrial sensors commonly feature 4…20mA outputs. The NI 9203 is fast, reliable and supports 8 current channels.

Sensors ...

We have interfaced to pretty much any sensor that is out there. Inertial measurement units (IMUs), pressure, force, displacement, proximity, fluid flow, temperature and many other sensors. We provide expert consulting services when our clients require custom LabVIEW interface such as RS232 / RS485 or I2C to more specialist sensors such as IMUs. Given that the cRIO OS is based on Linux, we can often reuse complex IMU APIs provided by the sensor manufacturer.

Industrial control development

Industrial control development is what we are experts at. Providing real-time control consulting services and implementation from edge to cloud. We design, build and test. We get enormous satisfaction when (not if!) we get things working.


Any industrial control system needs sensors. Pressure gauges, load cells, inertial measurement units (IMU) or EnDat encoders are just a few examples of the hundreds of sensors we have interfaced to control systems.

Embedded Control

We have worked with real-time control systems ranging from NI cRIO using LabVIEW real-time to MathWork's favorite Speedgoat with Simulink real-time. We make embedded control work on any industrial system.

IoT Software

Docker and Docker Swarm are the key tools used by us for cloud deployment and service orchestration. We have provided consulting services for IOT stacks ranging from Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) to Thingsboard.