Embedded Control Services

Embedded Control Design & Testing Experts

Embedded control design process

We provide a range of embedded control services – FPGA design, real-time control systems on different hardware targets, prototyping, testing, and industrial-scale applications. We are embedded software experts with over 20 years of experience in developing industrial control systems.

As an agile, modern software developer, we have provided many custom-embedded solutions to our clients. Sometimes our clients are looking for a quick prototype, and sometimes for a robust industrial solution that must operate 24/7 for years without interruption. Depending on the requirements specification, we can tailor the embedded control solution as needed.

For example, while the Simulink/Speedgoat combination is one of the best choices for rapid control prototyping, a Bachman M1 target will be more suited for solutions that must stand up unsupervised in the field. The NI cRIO can often be a middle ground between rapid prototyping and industrial robustness. Whichever application you have, contact us today to speak to one of our experts who love working in the embedded control space.

Our Evergreen Innovations team includes several LabVIEW real-time and cRIO experts. Using the National Instruments cRIO, we have developed a wide range of industrial control and data acquisition solutions. The NI cRIO is based on Linux real-time, making it very easy to work with, and allowing for a lot of customization.

Another target we use extensively as a part our embedded control development is the Speedgoat running Simulink Real-Time. Using the vast range of Simulink libraries, including for example Simscape Multibody and Simscape Fluids, this framework offers an excellent option where physics-based modeling is key. We have implemented several challenging multi-axis control systems in Simulink Real-Time.

Bachmann M1

Integration via the Bachmann “Solution Center” allows for a wide range of programming languages to be combined with ease (C/C++/MATLAB/Simulink/PLC). This approach provides the ability to create granular user-controlled management of tasks (e.g. Task 1: Simulink, Task 2: C++, each with a set priority and timing). The Bachman M1 also provides an EtherCAT interface, allowing communication to third-party IO from Beckhoff, National Instruments, or many motor drive vendors.

Industrial control development

Industrial control development is what we are experts at. We provide real-time control consulting services and implementation from edge to cloud. We design, build and test. We get enormous satisfaction when (not if!) we get things working.


Any industrial control system needs sensors. Pressure gauges, load cells, inertial measurement units (IMU) or EnDat encoders are just a few examples of the hundreds of sensors we have interfaced to control systems.

Embedded Control

We have worked with real-time control systems ranging from NI cRIO using LabVIEW real-time to MathWork's favorite Speedgoat with Simulink real-time. We make embedded control work on any industrial system.

IoT Software

Docker and Docker Swarm are our key tools for cloud deployment and microservice orchestration. We have provided consulting services for IOT stacks ranging from Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) to Thingsboard.